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Hi! I'm Hilary!
I have over 20 years of experience as an RN. Awesome stuff!

I loved nursing and caring for others.
But I have a secret... 
I was burned OUT! My marriage was crumbling and I was turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms like that bottle and a half of wine. EVERY night. I was a shell of the woman and mother I wanted to be.

So one night, the Universe gave me a gift. In shitty, ugly wrapping paper. In the form of a DUI. And just like THAT, everything changed. I saw this path of self-sabotage and autopilot and wanted NOTHING more to do with it. Bye, Felicia! I went vegan (now vegetarian, because I love cheese...), changed all of my habits and started on a spiritual war path of healing! I realized in my career as a nurse that I couldn't help people heal on the level most need. The deep shit. The shadow work. The super profoundly juicy stuff. So here I am!
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Now a Transformation Activator and Manifestation Maven, my mission is to hold space for women who aren't YET where they desire to be in their own lives.
I use a combination of energy work, inner child healing, mind/body connection, and chakra work to bring about BADASS shifts!

We ALL have superpowers, and mine just happens to be the ability to allow YOU to see YOURS!
My clients are amazing women who get epic results! 
  • One went from over a year of procrastination to finishing a scripting and filming project in less than 2 months.

  • Another, from decades of not seeing her self worth to shedding BOTH the emotional weight AND that extra 20lbs!

  • Another, a new mom unclear about returning to work and questioning her skills to landing a killer job that she didn't think she could get!

  • Yet another from regular panic attacks and toxic relationships to getting clear as crystal on her future, finding her own place, and moving out of an unhealthy home!

  • Another from burnout in her career to a new shifted mindset, turning the passion for her side hustle into a NEW, successful career!


If you're ready to ditch your old shit and step into your badassery, then let's get to it! You take that first step and I'll be right with you along the way.


Much Love and Light,